• Tea Party

    Celebrate with us!

    Teachers at the heart

    Toasting your achievements with your colleagues? Or marking the end of a term with your students? We've created a special teachers' party pack to help you celebrate! Download the pack and attempt our tongue twister challenge.

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  • Life Skills Special

    Life Skills Special

    Join us for our next webinar

    In this special webinar, Emma-Sue Prince discusses the importance of life skills and the invaluable role that ELT teachers play in teaching life skills to students. Find out more and register for our free webinar.

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  • Career & Work

    Career & Work

    Latest life skills resources

    From preparing for that all-important first interview to reflecting on the necessary life skills needed in different careers, this month's resources are all about employability and the world of work!

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  • Young learner resources

    Creativity: Games

    Life skills for young learners

    Whether it’s inventing a game, singing a song or putting on a performance, there are a variety of different ways in which we can help foster creativity in the young learner classroom.

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