• Macmillan Dictionary Online

    Macmillan Dictionary

    Celebrate our 5th birthday!

    Join the Dictionary team as we celebrate 5 years of www.macmillandictionary.com with a new video, language game and treasure hunt to win an iPad mini!

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  • Respect Others

    Respect Others

    Our monthly life skills theme

    From showing respect for our parents, teachers and those in our community to being respectful within a workplace environment, this month’s resources illustrate the importance of respecting others.

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  • April Webinar

    April Webinar

    Join Karen Richardson for our Business English webinar!

    Exploring ways to use texts in the Business English Classroom, onestopenglish author Karen Richardson offers tips on how to be creative with texts and advice on dealing with copyright issues.

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  • In Company 3.0

    In Company 3.0

    The English course for established professionals

    The latest evolution of the popular In Company series introduces new texts, videos and online practice to provide up-to-date and practical content for in-work professionals.

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  • Teaching

    Teaching 2014

    Our range of teaching materials and teacher-training support covers every possible need. Teachers benefit from lesson plans, test materials, website resources, apps and more.

  • Studying

    Studying 2014

    From primary school students to advanced adult learners, Macmillan Education provides the tools for you to learn English. Students benefit from an excellent range of textbooks, as well as our many digital resources.

  • About Macmillan


    We are committed to delivering the most effective and appropriate resources for education today. We are forward thinking, setting standards with our digital tools, from apps to IWB software.