• Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking

    brand-new life skills resources

    The ability to apply critical reasoning, evaluate information from different sources and analyse the logic behind arguments are crucial skills in academic life. Find resources to help prepare your students for their studies and beyond.

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  • Love English Awards

    Nominations now open!

    Love English Awards 2014

    Have a favourite ELT blog, website or Facebook page? Nominate your favourite English language hub for our Macmillan Dictionary Awards before the 15th December 2014 and you could win a special prize...

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  • Real Grammar

    Real Grammar Videos

    Bored with or bored of?

    In the latest Real Grammar video from Macmillan Dictionary, Michael Rundell explores the difference between using 'bored with' and 'bored of'.

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  • MEOC2014

    Thank you!

    Webinar recordings coming soon ...

    Thank you to everyone who attended last week's Macmillan Education Online Conference! We hope you enjoyed the talks. Not to worry however if you missed any of your favourite speakers as we'll be updating this page very shortly with recordings from all our talks.

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  • Book now

    Webinar-Daniel Barber

    How can literature help make our lessons more memorable? Join onestopenglish author Daniel Barber for our next webinar on the 3rd December to find out.

  • Get Social


    Watch the latest video in our popular Pronunciation Skills series with Adrian Underhill and learn all about the 'muscle buttons' we use to speak.

  • Tune in


    What are the 'rules' of grammar? And are they all relevant? Watch our new Macmillan Dictionary series on YouTube as we explore #realgrammar!