• Jo Welcome

  • This year I think I’ve noticed it more than ever before: how my life is dictated by the glare of a laptop and the super speed of my thumb. Even my mum’s become addicted to her new eReader – evidence to me of how all generations are happy to receive information through new technologies!

    We know this as educators, don’t we? The pressures to engage our digitally-savvy students whilst still delivering solid educational objectives is a challenge we feel in classrooms worldwide. And that sets us all new goals. As publishers we are now delivering our content in a myriad of new technologies – apps, tablets, Virtual Learning Environments – just browse the variety of our materials for 2013 to see the digital content that comes alongside the familiar face of print. Learning is changing in many ways, and so is the way we publish for you.

    One thing does remain constant though; at the heart of our materials is the creative, top-quality content written by authors who are the best in the business. They know what you need, because they’ve been in the classroom themselves (and often still are!).

    We spend a lot of time thinking about you, the teachers, partly because we work in a people business. We try to never lose sight of the fact that we have a responsibility to support the teachers, institutions and communities where we work. Whether that’s through contact with a local team or simply through our vibrant community websites, we’ll always try to do what we can in an honest and positive way to provide a service that makes Macmillan proud.

    It’s an ethos I really hope you’ll see in all the online ideas that we’ve created to help you become better teachers and use our books in new ways. Have a good year and sign up for the Macmillan Webinars for a screen-based teacher training experience!

    Jo Greig
    International Marketing Director, Macmillan Education