Author picks and teaching takeaways

Authors of our top adult courses discuss their favourite units and lessons from their respective courses and give tips on how best to use them in the classroom.

You can download samples of all the units mentioned as well as pdfs of the author's articles.


Mickey Roger’s favourite unit from Mind series

Mickey Rogers talks about her favourite unit from openMind, Level 3. Read about why she chose this unit and download it as a sample to see how the Mind series could work for your adult and young adult courses.

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Steve Taylore-Knowles' favourite lesson from Open Mind

The Life Skills section from Unit 9 Pre-Intermediate level is Steve Taylore-Knowles' favourite lesson from Open Mind. Find out why and download the sample materials to teach life skills to adult learners.

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Roy and Philip's favourite units from Straightforward Second edition

Roy Norris and Philip Kerr introduce their respective personal favourite units from Straightforward Second Edition. Download these as sample units and try out their teaching tips for using Straightforward Second Edition in the classroom.

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Lyndsay Clandfield's favourite lesson from Global

Global author Lindsay Clandfield explains why the lesson from Unit 2 Intermediate Level 'Ghost a partner's experience' is his favourite pick from Global. Download a sample of the full unit and read Lindsay's tips so you can give Global a try in your classroom.

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Vaughan Jones' favourite lessons from New Inside Out

Author Vaughan Jones talks about his favourite section from New Inside Out, and uses an example from Unit 5 Intermediate Level to give some tips on how to best teach these. New Inside Out samples can also be downloaded.

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Miles Craven's favourite lessons from Breakthrough Plus

Miles Craven introduces his favourite lessons from Breakthrough Plus. Download Unit 6 'Lifestyles', from the Intro Level, as a sample to see how Breakthrough Plus can help you teach adults and young adult learners of International English.

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Sue Kay's favourite lessons from Move

Author Sue Kay talks about her favourite lessons from the Advanced Level of the short course Move and provides teaching tips on how best to use them in the classroom.

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