David A. Hill

David A Hill

David A Hill is a freelance educational materials writer and teacher trainer working out of Budapest, Hungary.

David was born in Walsall, UK in 1952 and trained (CEd/BEd Bristol) and worked as a primary school teacher before moving full time into ELT in 1977. He has a Dip Ed (ELT) and a MPhil in applied linguistics from Exeter. David worked for the British Council for 18 years in ex-Yugoslavia and Italy, where he was English Teaching Adviser for Northern Italy 1987-1998.

David has strong links with Pilgrims, Canterbury, where he worked for 12 summers, and NILE, Norwich, where he worked for 13 summers. He has also been involved in IATEFL since 1988, in a range of posts, and is currently the Coordinator of the Literature, Media & Cultural Studies SIG.

He has written books for a range of levels, countries and purposes, and for Macmillan is a co-author of Smart, as well as having versioned Shine for the Middle East including writing a new Level 4 Grammar Book. He also versioned one level of Shine as Winner for Italy. He versioned Way Ahead for Kazakhstan, wrote a new workbook for Horizons for Morocco, and versioned Jump Aboard for Egyptian primary schools. His most recent involvement was with the Spanish bachillerato course, Upgrade.

David has trained teachers for Macmillan extensively in Hungary, and also in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Kazakhstan.

When not involved in ELT, he spends his time making music as a singer and player of blues, traditional folk and rock; he is also an experienced ornithologist, botanist and lepidopterist with many articles to his name; he also writes and lectures on art and architectural history, specializing in the period 1850-1920. His 4th collection of poetry (Mothworld) was published in late 2010.

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