David Seymour

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I studied Spanish and History at university in the UK and then, after an introductory TEFL course at IH, I taught in Bilbao for a year before moving back to London. That was in 1990 and I have been working in London ever since apart from a couple of impromptu lessons in a gold rush town in Ecuador. I joined Hackney College in 1997, where I now teach ESOL and IT to a huge and diverse community of learners. It's an exciting environment in which to work: a 60 strong team of teachers from all kinds of backgrounds and disciplines sharing ideas and exploring ways of teaching language. It's a challenge that exercises us as much as I am sure it does you.

When not teaching I play the guitar, study a bit of Russian and love walking in the countryside. On Thursdays I am a househusband for my two children. The younger of these is only 2 and, annoyingly, speaks better Russian than me, while my 4 year-old can talk circles round me in English too!

As well as being the co-author 700 Classroom Activities  I am the author of Real English for Real Situations (Macmillan) at entry level 2 and have contributed various worksheets to Inside Out  (Macmillan) at beginner and pre-intermediate levels. My ambition is to write a best selling children's book like The Gruffalo.

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