Joanne Ramsden

Joanne Ramsden

I studied music at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, graduating in 1988. Tired of studying, I went off to travel the wold. I spent 12 months travelling around Australia and New Zealand playing my flute to get by. I returned home and decided that by becoming an English teacher I could continue my travels.

After a four-week TEFL course at International House Broadstairs, Kent, I set off for Spain to start the rest of my travels. Things don't always go to plan, as I met my husband within months.13 years and two children later, I still haven't got any further than Spain in my round-the-world trip.

Fortunately, I found that I particularly enjoyed teaching English and after starting with adults, moving on to teenagers, then primary aged children, I discovered that the most rewarding area for me was infants.

I now teach in the infants department of a Spanish primary school, José María de Lapuerta, Cartagena, which forms part of a bilingual project involving 42 primary schools in Spain. This year I am the co-ordinator of the project and website co-ordinator for our school.

In my spare time I sing in two local choirs: 'Desconccerto' - a chamber choir and Coral Polifonica Carthagonova. I met Joy Morris, my co-author, seven years ago when we both worked for the British Council. Here's Patch the Puppy is our first book together. My musical background has been particularly useful in writing the songs and games for Here's Patch the Puppy and made the whole writing experience a very enjoyable one.

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