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I have been teaching for 30 years and have taught just about every age group possible, from three-year-olds to university professors with an average age of 60.

I began teaching English in a comprehensive school, then decided to try my hand at ELT because I wanted to travel. While working for the British Council in Portugal, I took the RSA Diploma and then moved to Cairo for two years. I returned to England to study for an MA in Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University and then worked as assistant director at the British Council in Barcelona. These were three very exciting years, teacher-training and setting up one of the first self-access centres with the late John McDowall. I transferred to Madrid, again as assistant director, and enjoyed the opportunity of giving teacher-training courses at both certificate and diploma level and visiting various countries as an RSA diploma examiner. To ensure I didn't get bored, I was also responsible for organizing ESP courses for a range of clients, from museum guards to deputies in the parliament.

After marrying a Murciano, it was inevitable we would move to Murcia, especially once our son was born. Here I have worked at the university, organizing courses for students and giving courses for university teachers who need to improve their oral skills to participate in international conferences. I have also been working in a state school, mostly teaching infants, for the last three years and giving teacher-training courses and talks via the CPRs and at Jornadas throughout Spain.

Although I have collaborated on many publishing projects, for adults, children and business English, this is the first time I have directly worked as an author, on Here's Patch the Puppy, with Joanne Ramsden. Let's hope it's not the last!

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