Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson

Originally from Brighton on the south coast of England, after a few detours via London, Bristol, and the Greek island of Spetses I wound up in southern Germany in 1993. Since then home has been Göppingen, a small town between Stuttgart and Ulm.

Although I had been teaching English as a foreign language in Germany for a while I didn't begin writing ELT books and classroom materials until 2000 - originally these were mostly for the primary school age group with the first English/German book being published by Langenscheidt publishers in Munich. This was followed by more books, CDs and language-learning calendars as well as editing, recording, and proof-reading contracts.

A couple of years later, I made the not quite logical jump from writing for kids to writing and adapting Business English materials for Hueber Verlag, Macmillan's partner in Germany.

Then in 2006 I contributed an interactive CDROM to Macmillan's In Company series. This led to becoming the main author on pre-intermediate level of Macmillan's business series The Business, and then onto being the author of the Teacher's book for Macmillan's English for Law Enforcement.

At the same time as writing these course books I've been contributing a fair amount of material to the Onestopenglish teachers' resource website. Along with Tim Bowen I write the Guardian Weekly news lessons which are published every Thursday - more recent projects are the Spot On news lessons for teenagers and the Business Spotlight news lessons.

You can read an interview on onestopenglish here


Although writing takes up a lot of my time I believe that it's important that material writers do not lose touch with what's going on in the classroom so to that end I continue to teach Business English (to students studying for a Bachelor degree) in the departments International Business and Trade at the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart (Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg), as well as in companies - mostly automotive suppliers - in the Stuttgart area.

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