Maria Jesus Frigols

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María Jesús Frigols Martín has worked on Foreign Language Teaching & Learning since the 1980s, and she specialized in multilingualism & bilingual education in the early 2000s.

She is a coordinator for the Plurilingual Programme at the Board of Education of the Autonomous Region of Valencia, Spain. She has recently worked on a pilot project for CLIL implementation in Secondary and Vocational Education for the Directorate General for Education and Teacher Training.

She has taught at Secondary, Vocational and Higher Education as well, and has collaborated as a teacher trainer with the Boards of Education of the Autonomous Regions of Valencia, Andalusia and Galicia, and other public and private institutions.

She is a consultant to the Boards of Education of several autonomous regions of Spain and has collaborated with the Ministry of Education and the NAA (Ministerio de Fomento) in the design, development and evaluation of educational curricula and teaching programmes.

She has been involved in EU funded projects regarding in-service training and has experience of external evaluation in European CLIL development projects.

She is currently coordinating a project for the 3rd Medium-term Programme of the European Centre for Modern Languages, and a Hub coordinator for the EC-funded project CLIL Cascade Network.

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