Mr Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson is a teacher trainer and a prolific author of ELT materials, with about 25 titles to his name, including ten series of coursebooks. His Macmillan titles include Prospects, Move Ahead and the New Standard English course for Chinese secondary schools, a co-production with Beijing publisher FLTRP.
He studied English at Reading University, where he attended classes in Linguistics with David Crystal. He taught English at the British Institute, Seville, Spain and then moved to International House, London, where he also became a teacher trainer.

Ken recorded and produced Mister Monday, the first-ever collection of ELT songs. When it was released, it made him the youngest ELT author in history!

In addition to books, Ken writes a lot of other ELT material, including plays and other radio and TV material. He has written more than 100 programmes for BBC English, including 50 radio scripts for the Follow Me series, 30 TV scripts for the Look Ahead series and five plays in a series called Drama First. He also worked for the BBC Spanish and Latin American services, reporting in Spanish on music events in Britain. More recently, he wrote a book to accompany the first ELT TV series made by Britain's Channel 4 company.

For more than 25 years, Ken was a director and key member of the English Teaching Theatre, a theatre company which toured the world performing stage shows for learners of English. The company made more than 220 tours to more than 50 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Far East.

With ETT co-director Doug Case, Ken wrote about 100 sketches and almost as many songs for the group. Many of the sketches have been published in two books, English Sketches 1 and 2.

Ken is a regular at IATEFL and TESOL conferences around the world, usually giving workshops on music and drama. In recent years, he has also given plenary talks in Bahrain, Brazil, China, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.

In the summer months, Ken occasionally gives drama courses in various countries. With his wife Dede, a freelance teacher-trainer, Ken runs an international course for teachers from many different countries called Drama Plus. So far, teachers from 26 different countries have attended Drama Plus . He has also given teacher development courses with Luke Prodromou in Poland, Jane Revell in Hungary and the UK, and Janet Olearski in Croatia.

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