Peter Maggs

Pete Maggs

started out as a graphic designer and only got into ELT as a means to an end. I wanted to see more of the world and teaching English seemed a good way of doing that. I didn't expect to get hooked.

That was a long time ago and since then I've taught in France, Italy, Brazil, Japan and the UK. While I was in Japan I started up an English Language school, which proved to be an incredible experience.

As well as teaching I also write materials. These materials include contributions to Macmillan's Spanish series Cosmos, Universe and Imagine and Inside Out    (see next paragraph). I'm the author of one level and co-author of another level of Move, Macmillan's modular English course. I also co-wrote Timesaver Speaking Activities for Scholastic with Jon Hird, one of my co-authors on Move.

I've been a part of Inside Out from the start. When Inside Out was conceived I was working with Sue Kay and Vaughan Jones and was able to watch the course evolve as well as get involved in some aspects. I set up the Inside Out e-lessons and wrote them for six years.

Sue, Vaughan and David Riley, Inside Out's  publisher, have all played big roles in my development as a writer and I can't imagine being where I am without them. Other Inside Out  components I've written or helped on are: Upper Intermediate Video Teacher's Book; Elementary DVD Teacher's Book; Inside English   (a version of Inside Out for Asia); workbooks for New Inside Out    (written with Catherine Smith) and lots of resource materials.

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