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Get started, get motivated and 'skill up' with Macmillan English this September!

Whether you’re preparing for your first class or looking for inspiration to reinvigorate the classroom, throughout the back to school season we'll be bringing you a special selection of resources to give your teaching an extra boost.

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1. Get Started  2. Get Motivated  3. Skill Up
Get started: back to school 2014

1. Get Started

Getting ready for a new term and new classes can be a daunting task. So to make sure you’re perfectly prepared, our ELT experts are here give you top tips and practical teaching advice to help you make the best possible start.


First Classes and Beyond:

Watch the recording from our webinar with Beyond authors Rebecca Robb Benne, Rob Metcalf and Robert Campbell for tips for the new term. Explore ideas to help teenage students get focused, aim high and invest in their own learning from their first day back.

Watch the webinar recording 


From icebreakers and first class tips to practical lesson plans for students of all ages, our teachers’ resource site onestopenglish has plenty of inspiration to offer. Take a look at our full collection of back to school resources or check out our selected highlights:

  • Survival Guide: Lindsay Clandfield and Duncan Foord offer easy-to-use ideas and advice to solve any ELT-related emergency
  • Topical news lessons: Weekly and monthly news lessons from The Guardian; adapted and graded for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners
  • Beyond lessons: Creative and dynamic lessons ranging from elementary to upper intermediate levels to explore school subjects such as the arts, geography and science

Explore our onestopenglish resources

Get motivated: back to school 2014

2. Get Motivated

Whether you teach adults, teens or young learners, understanding how to motivate your students is essential to ensuring students' success. Engage your students with productive activities and find advice on how to encourage active participation throughout the school year.



Open Mind – Analysing Strengths and Weaknesses: 

Evaluating your own strengths and weaknesses is a valuable first step to improving your language skills. In this exclusive elementary level lesson plan from the Student’s Book and Teacher’s Book of new adult course Open Mind, students discuss different ways of learning and set goals for self-improvement.

Download the lesson plan     Download the teachers' notes

Beyond – Motivating Students:  

In this video, Beyond authors Rob Metcalf, Robert Campbell and Rebecca Robb Benne offer their top tips for motivating teenage students, from developing mutual respect in the classroom to ensuring that students are always presented with the right level of challenge.

Readers and Drama in the Primary Classroom:  

The first in a series of guides on using drama activities in the classroom, this introduction highlights the benefits of  drama to engage young learners, build confidence and develop their skills across different areas of language. Every month we’ll be adding a new guide to the Macmillan Young Readers site so stay tuned!

Download the lesson plan from Macmillan Young Readers

Skill Up: back to school 2014

3. Skill Up

From learning the nitty-gritty about pronunciation and grammar, to understanding the benefits of life skills; help your students to 'skill up' with our collection of teaching videos, quizzes and tests!


Macmillan Dictionary – Real Grammar: 

Everyone has an opinion about grammar.  We all know that there are 'rules' we must follow, but where do these rules come from? And are they all valid? To find out more about how English grammar has changed over time, follow our @MacDictionary #realgrammar series on Twitter and see what experts have to say in our latest blog posts and videos. Up for a challenge? Test your own skills in this special #realgrammar quiz!

Find out more about real grammar


Macmillan Readers – Level Test: 

Looking to boost your students’ reading and comprehension skills? Make sure they’re reading texts at the appropriate level of text with the brand-new Macmillan Readers level test. Graded from starter to upper intermediate, our test will help students to find their level.

Take the level test

Pronunciation Skills with Adrian Underhill:  

We've got two brand-new pronunciation skills videos this month from teaching expert Adrian Underhill! Explore the physicality of pronunciation and learn all about the different muscle buttons we use to make sounds in these videos. For more great advice on how to teach your students pronunciation, take a look at the rest of the videos in this hugely-popular series over on our  YouTube channel!