Breakthrough Plus 2nd Edition

Breakthrough Plus is a successful American English series which is popular in Asia and Latin America due to its communicative approach. It is ideal as a general English course for young adults, particularly in universities. Breakthrough Plus 2nd Edition includes a blend of print and digital components similar to the previous edition and also includes a new print Workbook.

The course has been updated with around 30% new content, with redesign, new print workbooks, and the addition of new presentation skills and videos.

The components include print and digital student's books, teacher's book and presentation kit, print workbooks, and student's and teacher's resource centres are available in various component packs across different regions.


Miles Craven

Key Features

  • A new print workbook component offers extra practice of grammar, vocabulary, everyday language, listening, reading etc. 80pp.
  • New Test generator component which is hosted online but can also deliver printable tests
  • Audio and video resources on student’s or teacher’s resource centers
  • Presentation support slides on Teacher's Resource Center, accessible via a code in your Teacher’s Book Premium Pack
  • Updated cover, and design and photos across the levels
  • Videos of the opening Conversation sections and gapped dialogues, and teachers are given the option to select choose video or audio within the exercise
  • Extension sections have been updated to become Skills Extension, with added skills tip boxes that elaborate on the skills
  • The videos are included in the extension sections along with comprehension activities. This integration with the Student's Book makes it more visible and useful but teachers who do not have technology in the classroom can opt not to use it
  • The vocabulary accompanying expansion section available at the back of the book
  • Review section includes a variety of activities such as conversation, language check, skills check amongst others
  • Speaking Focus included next to each review section, consisting of one page every three units to focus on presentation skills, speaking strategies and more to give students who are struggling with this skill more scaffolding and help learn the importance of 21st century skills
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