Case Study

British Study Centres, Bournemouth

British Study Centres is a group of language schools offering quality courses for adults and children from their bases in London, Oxford, Brighton and Bournemouth.

Macmillan Eduction coursebooks feature heavily in their curriculum. Here we hear from teachers and students who use our books and online materials on a daily basis.

What are teachers saying?

"My students and I really enjoyed the Global Upper Int Course - we all found it stimulating and educative. The students found it challenging, but because the texts were so motivating, they readily rose to the challenge. Unlike other course books, it included poetry, English literature, six-word memoirs and dramatic mysteries, puzzling questions and scientific reasons, which, quite apart from captivating students, also introduced many of them to new genres.

For me, as a teacher, and for the students, the course book was exciting and it treated the students as intelligent, inquisitive English adults, not as learners with a degree of limited understanding - in fact my adult friends to whom I showed it also wanted to read it!"

Liz Bennett, teacher, British Study Centres, Bournemouth

Liz Bennet

What are students saying?

"Straightforward is a tremendous book. As its name indicates it's a really simple book to use and well-organised. I really appreciated the Wordlists as well as the work on phonetics, while the Language Reference section was very handy. I also liked the Functional Language section which was the base of class speaking activities. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn English."

Fanta Diop, student, British Study Centres Bournemouth

Fanta Diop

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