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Teaching English in Georgia

Macmillan is very proud to have been heavily involved in Georgia's introduction of English as a compulsory foreign language from Grade 1.

In 2011 Macmillan's popular course for primary children, English World, was chosen as the core series to introduce English to first graders across the country. To facilitate this momentous change Macmillan invited a large team of experienced native speaker teacher trainers to spend time with all of Georgia's local English teachers with the purpose of introducing them to the materials and familiarising them with several of the approaches used for teaching young learners. 

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Alongside this training, the 1st Macmillan International Conference in Tbilisi was organised in the summer of 2011, which included world-famous ELT authors and speakers such as Jim Scrivener, Malcolm Mann and Keith Kelly.

Macmillan continues to work closely with local teachers across the country to support the effective teaching of English World. Additional training was carried out in the summer of 2012 for all local English teachers to build on their initial experiences after using English World for a year.

Further training was also provided to introduce Macmillan's secondary school courses, New Inspiration and Gateway, which were some of the new materials approved for use in state schools in 2012. As well as introducing the materials, this training focused on techniques used for teaching teenagers, preparing students for exams and blended learning. In May 2012 Dave Spencer and Susan Holden were plenary speakers at the 2nd Macmillan International Conference in Tbilisi.

We see this project as only the start of a partnership that we hope will continue for many years to come and we continue to look at new ways to further support the English teachers of Georgia.

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