Case Study

Using Gateway in Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco

Ahmed Lafridi - Teacher of English

I believe that teaching English is an art. To perform this art, the teacher needs to be equipped with the right tools. I have been teaching English for the last 17 years. And I have never been satisfied with any of the textbooks I have been using until I used Gateway.

The remarkable thing that a teacher will surely notice and feel since the first unit is that his/her students will be exposed to authentic English in a very balance framework that encompasses reading comprehension, vocabulary, communication, listening, grammar, speaking, writing and cross cultural activities; without forgetting of course, the special care given to the activities targeting exam success skills. Moreover, the choice of the themes is very successful. The students quickly get hooked to the themes and the teacher can see their total engagement in the activities they are doing.  

Another strong point of Gateway is the online practice. It gives the students another chance of consolidating what they learned in class in an attractive way that allows them to self-evaluate and at the same time keep their teachers informed about their progress even when they are doing online exercises at home.

I took advantage of the digital components by using the Gateway Interactive Classroom DVD ROM (IWB software) in class. This way, my students' attention was focused all the time on what was going on the white board. I was astonished by the quick pace in which my students were learning English and their remarkable love not only to the English language but Gateway itself.


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