Learning Stars

Taking children from learning to read to reading to learn

Learning Stars is a new high-level pre-primary course which offers early literacy, handwriting and numeracy. It places an emphasis on learning to read, write and count in English, while also focusing on the importance of natural, communicative language.

Using stories, drama and songs as its contexts, Learning Stars motivates and interests its young audience and gets them involved and using the academic skills associated with learning a language.


Jeanne Perrett and Jill Leighton

Key Features

  • The Pupil’s CD-ROM includes songs, interactive phonics practice and stories
  • A simple-to-use projectable book, packages in the Teacher’s Pack for use in the classroom, features the stories and class audio
  • The strong assessment strand includes progress checks and regular reviews
  • An animated handwriting tool in the Teacher’s Digibook models letter formation
  • Strong systematic phonics strand gets children decoding and reading quickly
  • A separate Maths Book introduces early number concepts
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