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Beyond is a new and exciting 6-level course for teenagers learning English. The course covers CEFR levels A1+ through to B2, with all levels being based on mapping of the requirements of the CEFR and international exams.

Beyond comprehensively addresses all key language skills through a thorough and detailed sub-skills syllabus supported by How to ... tips.

Beyond also has a detailed and verified life skills syllabus specially designed to support students with the life skills they require, both during their education and in their life beyond.

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Rob Metcalf and Rebecca Robb Benne and Robert Campbell

Key Features

  • A carefully researched and planned subskills syllabus ensures incremental and cumulative language learning and transferability.
  • A life skills lesson in every unit promotes self-awareness, critical thinking, problem solving, social skills and cultural awareness along with communication and cooperation.
  • Two Separate video strands (Speaking videos and the Moving Picture videos), accompanied by a variety of task types, bring the pages to life in an accessible and and motivating way.
  • Beyond's creative and dynamic approach to topics, along with the flexible online component, motivates students to engage with the material, making language learning more meaningful and successful.
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