Bounce Now

For primary learners

Bounce Now is a six-level primary series, with an additional Starter Level. It presents a range of unique components and features and is supported by a digitally enhanced, well-balanced four-skills program. Bounce Now provides carefully developed learning skills and subject link content, and continues to offer an enjoyable but comfortable start to learning English.

Key Features

  • Student's Book includes integrated home study pages and a parent signature feature
  • Student Multi-ROM features spelling development games and activities, and the complete audio for the level
  • Activity Resource Book contains black line masters and song activity sheets to review and consolidate grammar and vocabulary
  • Teacher's Assessment Pack contains a fully guided program of evaluation including language assessment sheets, as well as self-assessment and global assessment record charts for each level
  • Teacher's Edition is interleaved with full lesson notes for every Student's Book page, the Big Book Builder instructions and guidelines for assessment
  • Big Book Builder, large format visual resource books with incorporated picture dictionaries and a supporting audio program with original chants (Bounce Beats) and dialogue drills to develop vocabulary and pronunciation
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