Breakthrough Plus

A refreshing, communication-based course for adult and young adult learners of International English

Breakthrough Plus contains modernised content, a fresh design and a digital version of the Student's Books for classroom presentation purposes as well as additional practice material with markbook functionality. This has created a truly blended, content-rich course, covering high-interest themes in a thorough but accessible way.

The course has a communicative and refreshing feel with material that is rich but manageable, and builds students' confidence with the language.

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Key Features

  • A NEW Digibook provides an onscreen version of the Student Book with integrated audio and video, plus additional interactive practice with over 130 activities, videos and markbook
  • A strong emphasis on all skills (such as conversation strategies) with a focus on listening and speaking
  • A broad, international, cross-cultural flavour with a range of native and non-native accents
  • Amusing listening and reading passages feature regularly in the course creating an engaged and comfortable class
  • Authentic natural language is presented and practised through clear, contextualised and achievable tasks
  • Genuine flexibility – the course can be adapted to the needs of each class, without losing its integrity
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