Business Builder

Photocopiable resources for the Business English classroom

Business Builder is a series of adaptable photocopiable resource packs spanning three modules and providing excellent material for the Intermediate Business English classroom.

This resource pack is essential for any teacher of Business English. Flexibility of use means it is suited to groups or one-to-one, to any profession or business area and as a complete course or a supplement. Activities are adaptable to all levels and cover language development, skills training and a full range of business communications skills, providing all the materials required to create the ultimate Business English course.


Paul Emmerson

Key Features

  • ● Each of the three modules contains photocopiable lessons that provide a wide variety of communicative business activities.
  • ● Objectives and achievements are clearly laid out and learners can use worksheets to track their progress against them.
  • ● Personalisation activities integrate the target language into learners’ everyday lives so it is relevant and useful.
  • ● Each module is intermediate level, and most activities can be extended to higher levels for fast learners if required.
  • ● Full Teacher’s Notes with tips, ideas and cultural hints accompany each lesson for extra lesson resources.
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