Captain Jack

A fun story-based course for pre-primary pupils

Captain Jack is a 3-level course based on the adventures of a fun-loving parrot and his friends. It is designed to help pre-primary children become confident learners of English through engaging story-based activities.

Captain Jack is a flexible, three-level, story-based course suitable for every teaching situation. Based on the adventures of the fun-loving parrot Captain Jack, it aims to help pupils become confident learners of English as they join Jack and friends on their discovery of the world around them. 'My World' lessons focus on cross-curricular areas and include real photos in the Pupil's Book and Flashcards. Captain Jack also works on basic competences in areas such as maths, art and ICT.


Jill Leighton and Sandie Mourão

Key Features

  • Children can familiarise themselves with real-world concepts through My World lessons, which are also designed to aid memory and retention.
  • Unique Press-outs and stickers bring the adventures of Captain Jack to life, and are further supported through songs and interactive games that help children master the lesson material in a more multi-sensory way.
  • Live action rhymes and sketches use mime gestures and sing-alongs to develop learners’ motor and cognitive skills and help them practise correct pronunciation.
  • A CLIL approach encourages learning across different subjects to help build confidence in relevant developmental areas.
  • The PLUS Book provides 2 additional units with a cross-curricular content for classrooms with more teaching hours.
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