Building a strong foundation in English

Caravan has been specifically written for implementation in primary classes in Egypt and neighbouring Arab countries. It is culturally-relevant to the needs of both teachers and pupils in the Middle East.

The carefully graded grammatical and lexical syllabus helps students experience achievement and makes them confident to use their new language.  Reading skills are developed gradually and students become competent readers of English.

The course takes into account the constraints imposed when teaching large classes by offering strategies for pairwork, groupwork and differentiated tasks to suit the abilities of children. Caravan has been designed and written to be easy to teach and fun to learn.

Audio file downloads for each level of Caravan are available here:

Caravan Level 1 Audio
Caravan Level 2 Audio
Caravan Level 3 Audio
Caravan Level 4 Audio
Caravan Level 5 Audio
Caravan Level 6 Audio


Gabby Pritchard and Jane Moates and Louisa Mace and Dianna J. Rey and Janet Jarratt and Janet Weller and Liz Hocking

Key Features

  • A highly-flexible welcome unit  that can be tailored to meet the exact need of the pupils
  • A systematic development of communication, critical thinking and the four language skills
  • A careful balance between presentation and practice
  • Appealing child and fantasy characters
  • Enjoyable songs, chants and games
  • Extensive recycling and reviewing
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