Cheeky Monkey

A three-level story-based course for very young children

Cheeky Monkey is a three-level course for very young children. The central character is Cheeky Monkey, a lively and fun-loving monkey who gets involved in all kinds of adventures and community-focused activities.

The Cheeky Monkey puppet and the stories and songs of the course help young children relate Cheeky's adventures to their own lives and experiences and become truly involved in learning the language.


Kathryn Harper and Claire Medwell

Key Features

  • TPR-style activities including action rhymes, mimes and Cheeky Monkey's Jungle Gym
  • Multi-ROM (included in Pupil's Book Pack) contains stories, games and songs learnt in class to practise at home
  • Stories and songs get children involved in Cheeky Monkey's adventures
  • Play Mat, featuring Cheeky Monkey's town, provides a stimulating focal point for story time
  • Detailed Teacher's Notes with optional activities for teachers who have extra time 
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