Discover the world through English with Dex

Discover with Dex is an award winning, 3-level pre-primary course teaching English through fun and discovery.
Dex, the friendly dinosaur, will become children’s best friend as he brings magic and play into the classroom.

Discover with Dex utilises a variety of dynamic resources to help teachers create
a supportive and positive learning environment for young children to enjoy playing
in English. The songs, action videos, animated stories and Total Physical Response (TPR) activities provide regular opportunities for children to use the new language and help them develop their cognitive and fine-motor skills. The lovable Dex the Dino puppet will be a useful classroom assistant and learning partner; providing pupils with opportunities for developing their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and curiosity.

Key Features

  • Development of early life skills such as cooperation and good behaviour provide an excellent foundation for Primary education
  • The fully-integrated Teacher’s Presentation Kit includes all your digital resources in one place for participative lessons with a focus on digital literacy
  • Exciting language-rich lessons immerse pupils in English-speaking culture from day one
  • The Dex Magic Phonics tool ensures great pronunciation and is the first step towards life-long literacy skills
  • The PLUS edition provides extended vocabulary and content with added projects and extra features, plus a springboard to literacy via the optional Literacy book
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