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A more interactive way to study for exams

Direct to IELTS is a concise and interactive course designed to make best use of learners’ study time in preparation for the IELTS exam.

Written by experienced IELTS authors, this innovative and practical course combines print and online materials to prepare students efficiently for all formats of the IELTS exam. Taking into consideration the IELTS student’s busy schedule, Direct to IELTS is a carefully planned fast-track to IELTS confidence and examination success.

Key Features

  • ● Practice of all exam writing task-types and annotated model answers are provided in the Writing Bank.
  • ● Unit Reviews contain further practice of the Writing, Speaking and Reading content and Vocabulary and Language Focus sections provide a structured method to retain the new material.
  • ● Exam practice and a wide range of innovative and interactive exercises to develop exam skills are available through the IELTS Skills App.
  • ● Online learning support is easily accessible through the course website which includes a downloadable Grammar Reference section, four computer-based tests and workbook activities to complement Student’s Book learning.
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