Discover China

Learn Chinese with this comprehensive and enjoyable course

Discover China is a four level Mandarin Chinese course specially designed for beginner to intermediate level young adult and adult learners. It employs a communicative approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on pair work, group work, and on a wide variety of speaking and listening activities to help students become confident Chinese language speakers.

Discover China gives students a comprehensive, integrated and systematic introduction to the language.

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Key Features

  • A communicative approach lets students learn by using the language in real-life situations, providing them with the tools they need to communicate in Chinese naturally.
  • Language in context presents key vocabulary and language points in situations where students will encounter them in real life.
  • Meaningful and integrated character writing practice through grouping characters with common radicals to give 'clues' to the meaning - these high frequency characters are presented within the context of the unit theme.
  • Insights into Chinese culture with 'Cultural Corner' sections in each unit, providing a deeper understanding of this remarkable country and its language.

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