Doodle Town

Welcome to the exciting world of Doodle Town, our new four-level pre-school course! Its language-rich syllabus uses artwork and drawing to improve memory, experience, imagination and observation. With values at the heart, Doodle Town provides the tools for you to create an environment where children become inquisitive, happy, independent and confident learners.


Caroline Linse and Elly Schottman

Key Features

  • Early literacy and numeracy are developed throughout the course with the option to develop further using the Skills Pads
  • Drawing helps students to understand, define and remember words so they can communicate confidently and express themselves
  • Syllabus based on US English Language Arts and Math Common Core State Standards with Cambridge English: Young Learner-style practice activities
  • Easy-to-follow yet rigorous curriculum combines with a unique, integrated component range including a puppet, pocket chart, an online resource centre and a digital presentation kit
  • Fun music programme combines with Total Physical Response (TPR) so students remember language
  • Strong home-school connection so students can continue learning beyond the classroom
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