Effective Reading

A topic-based course to develop strong reading skills

Effective Reading is a British English, four level course that builds on the latest research into what makes a good reader. It includes specific vocabulary work and fluency development and each level comes with a complete short story from the Macmillan Readers series.

Effective Reading takes learners from high Beginner to Upper Intermediate level. Each level contains 12 topic-based units consisting of two parallel texts and 12 review units.

Teacher's Notes for each level are available as a free download (accessible from each product page)

Effective Reading is also available in American English under the title Essential English

Key Features

  • Twelve topic-based units per level that feature varied and highly-motivating reading texts
  • A focus on both intensive and extensive reading, with a complete short story per level
  • Varied pages for each unit enabling ongoing evaluation of the learners’ progress
  • Downloadable Teacher’s Notes
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