English Reading and Comprehension

Practice and development of reading skills for teenagers and young adults.

English Reading and Comprehension offers a sound and structured programme of reading comprehension work at an intermediate level. The series presents a complete introduction to text types and a firm framework for studying English through reading. This course will develop the ability of students to understand the structure, purpose and meaning of text, and to improve their own communicative and writing skills.


Ian Gordon

Key Features

  • Each unit consists of two passages which are related in theme but from different sources. This enables students to appreciate stylistic differences
  • Less common words and idiomatic phrases are glossed or dealt with in the vocabulary sections
  • Vocabulary and knowledge of the fundamental rules of English are consolidated, enhanced and extended through greater understanding
  • Skills of punctuation, spelling, sentence and paragraph writing are systematically developed
  • Exercises test knowledge of vocabulary, understanding, grammatical structure and punctuation
  • Topics for discussion and writing are provided
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