English World Secondary Levels

A ten-level course from primary through to secondary

English World (Levels 7-10) is the second part of a 10-level course from primary to the end of secondary education, designed to help teenage learners develop a sound understanding of how the English language works.

English World is a visually stunning ten-level course which will take children through from Primary to Secondary. Written by the authors of best-sellers Way Ahead and Macmillan English, English World combines best practice methodology with innovative new features for the modern classroom.

Active whole class learning is supported by vibrant posters and interactive activities on the DVD-ROM. Thorough grammar and skills work is applied in natural contexts in the real world, through dialogues and cross-curricular material. English World provides a complete package for today’s teachers and pupils.


Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking and Wendy Wren

Key Features

  • Grammar is clearly presented in context through the reading text and further consolidated through each unit with extra practice on form and function.
  • To facilitate the transition from primary to secondary learning, a Level 7 course-specific dictionary is included to help students consolidate knowledge of grammatical structures.
  • Exam Practice Books provide exam preparation and test activities, as well as self-assessment tick boxes to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • The Skills and Reference Dictionary contains a wealth of useful information, including grammar references and wordlists that help students develop their own strategies for future learning.
  • A Workbook CD-ROM offers useful student support, including student audio material, a pronunciation chart and interactive games that encourage learner independence.
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