Fantastic!  is a new six-level primary course for learners of American English. The series combines a clearly structured syllabus and methodology with an up-to-date and sophisticated look, bringing the learner and the target language together in a controlled way.


Jane Revell and Carol Skinner and Mr Nicholas Beare and Katherine Mendelsohn

Key Features

  • Cross-curicular lessons in each unit allow children to use the target language in a variety of different contexts
  • 'Value boxes' raise students' awareness of their social responsibilities and the 'Values booklet', packaged with the Student's Book, provides engaging activities
  • The student CD (packaged with the Student's Book) has sing-along activities and fun tongue twisters that children and parents can practise together
  • 'Reading Time' story pages provide frequent opportunities to read for pleasure and are supported by posters to encourage storytelling
  • 'My Fantastic Dictionary' section developes strategies for recording vocabularly from an early stage
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