Flying High

English for International Adult Learners

Flying High is an exciting six-level topic-based course for international adult learners. It is based on several years of research and development in collaboration with teachers all over the world. Topics relating to working life, travel and food are integrated with culture, the changing modern world and fascinating information.


Simon Brewster and Paul A. Davies and Mickey Rogers and Jane Sturtevant and Ian Gardner

Key Features

  • Combined Student's Book and Workbook format.
  • Active analysis of new grammar structures develops learner autonomy
  • Lifeline gives students the opportunity to activate new language in communicative everyday contexts
  • Learner training with sections on recording vocabulary and grammar terms encourages self-study
  • Up-to-date real world content means adult learners can truly engage with the topics
  • CD-ROM for each level provides extra vocabulary and grammar practice
  • Information-rich texts provide mature content for mature learners
  • Full-colour Teacher's Book including guidance on Learner Development helps teachers to help their students get the best out of Flying High
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