A six-level course to suit a high number of contact hours

Beautifully illustrated and appealing to both children and teachers, this six-level course is designed to meet the needs of teachers and learners who have a high number of contact hours in English. Footprints provides a strong emphasis on cross-curricular content with clearly identified language aims that acknowledge the increasing trend towards content-based learning.

Levels 1 and 2 take children on a magical journey, meeting well-known fairy tale characters to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Levels 3 and 4 continue the idea of a quest in the context of a mystery and adventure story which matches the children's growing maturity. Levels 5 and 6 develop the children's learning strategies and language skills as they follow the exploits of the Footprints Club characters.

Each level of Footprints has an accompanying Digital Book, comprised of the digital Pupil's Book and the digital Activity Book. These digital books are perfect for whole class teaching and focusing on stories and individual activities close up, using an Interactive Whiteboard or digital projection. Each digital book comes packaged as a CD-ROM to make an easy and flexible use in the classroom.


Carol Read

Key Features

  • Each unit has an episodic story running through it, presenting young learners with fun puzzles
  • to solve and encouraging them to think analytically.
  • The Footprints Club News Board is used
  • to introduce new vocabulary in an engaging and playful way, allowing learners to build
  • up a record of all the new words they have learnt.
  • Culture Corner activities use classic rhymes, songs and games from across the English-speaking world to help children become confident about and familiar with cultural differences.
  • A 24-page Portfolio Booklet allows children
  • to keep a record of their learning, encouraging self-assessment and motivating them to learn more.
  • A CLIL approach allows young learners to use English as a vehicle for discovery, increasing their knowledge and understanding of other subjects and real-world issues.
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