A six-level course to suit a high number of contact hours

Beautifully illustrated and appealing to both children and teachers, this six-level course is designed to meet the needs of teachers and learners who have a high number of contact hours in English. Footprints provides a strong emphasis on cross-curricular content with clearly identified language aims that acknowledge the increasing trend towards content-based learning.

Levels 1 and 2 take children on a magical journey, meeting well-known fairy tale characters to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Levels 3 and 4 continue the idea of a quest in the context of a mystery and adventure story which matches the children's growing maturity. Levels 5 and 6 develop the children's learning strategies and language skills as they follow the exploits of the Footprints Club characters.


Carol Read

Key Features

  • A strong story element uses a series of clues and riddles to lead the learner to the next episode and solve the puzzle
  • Pupil's Book and Activity Book provide extensive cross-curricular and content-based language-learning materials
  • Clear language progression in harmony with the Common European Framework (CEF) descriptor bands and the Cambridge ESOL and Trinity Young Learner exams
  • Intercultural learning in every unit reflects the increasing importance of this aspect of the CEF
  • Extensive range of photocopiable worksheets includes materials for mixed-ability classes, letters, word lists, advice for parents and exam practice pages
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