Gateway to Success

Gateway to Success is a new edition which has been specifically adapted with due regard to cultural sensitivities in the Middle East. This five-level academically rich, general English course equips teenage students with the skills to be successful in school-leaving/university entrance examinations, and prepares them for university and the world of work.

Authentic texts and topic-based units help stimulate the interest of students, providing content that is genuinely meaningful and thought-provoking. Topics incorporate international and popular culture.


Dave Spencer

Key Features

  • Adapted with due regard to cultural sensitivities
  • Authentic texts introduce language in context and engage students’ interest
  • Exam focus and task familiarisation throughout the course
  • Regular CEF self-check progress lists allow students to actively monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement
  • CLICK (Cross-curricular, Literature and International Cultural Knowledge) pages focus on cross-cultural themes which develop students’ language through real contexts
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