Get Ready For International Business

An international English course to prepare students for working life

Get Ready for International Business is a two-level speaking and listening course designed for pre-professional university or college students, or students who are about to embark on
their professional careers.

Get Ready for International Business aims to prepare students for the business world by exposing them to a variety of business and workplace situations, offering a variety of different accents and focusing on key strategies to help them manage conversations in business settings.

Key Features

  • ● The 12 topic and function-focused units guide students through a series of motivating, student-centred activities to build their skills and confidence to communicate successfully in the global business world.
  • ● Listening exercises and the cross-cultural Viewpoints sections expose students to a variety of accents and a range of people talking about different aspects of business as well as culture.
  • ● In Business case studies create a realistic practice environment, providing additional practice for those exams which test the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.
  • ● TOIEC® or BEC exam preparation and practice are available via the Student’s Book, giving learners everything they need to plan for success.
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