Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives is a new edition which has been specifically adapted with due regard to cultural sensitivities in the Middle East. The course enables students to learn English as it is used in our globalised world; to learn through English with information-rich, intellectually engaging topics; and to learn about English as an international language. Global Perspectives is particularly suitable for pre-sessional and professional English language programmes.

The teacher is supported by the Teacher's Book Pack which includes a Teacher's Resource Disc. This houses the videos that appear in th eWorkbook and additional videos, along with editable tests and unit activities. In the Intermediate and Upper Intermediate level there is a complete IELTS and TOEFL practice test for extra exam preparation. This is supported by the eWorkbook, for on-the-go study, and content for Learning Management Systems.


Lindsay Clandfield and Adrian Tennant and Rob Metcalf and Kate Pickering and Amanda Jeffries and Jackie McAvoy and Rebecca Robb Benne and Robert Campbell and Julie Moore and Mark McKinnon and Rawdon Wyatt

Key Features

  • Specially adapted with due regard for cultural sensitivities
  • A focus on intelligent and culturally sound topics specifically written for adult learners
  • Additional critical-thinking tasks exploit the rich topics
  • Unique ‘Global English’ articles by David Crystal teach students about the variety and evolution of the English language
  • 'Global Voices’, a series of authentic recordings, demonstrate the reality of the English-speaking world
  • ‘Function Globally’ sections round off each unit with practical language exercises to prepare students for everyday situations
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