Global Perspectives

Pick up a ‘typical’ general English coursebook these days, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get, even before you open it. Global moves beyond this to provide a sophisticated, cultured experience for its users – both in content and feel. Our learners are adults and we treat them that way.

Critical thinking skills are promoted throughout Global, both in the choice of topics and in the way the material is exploited. Learners are asked to engage with the material at much more than just a superficial ‘language’ level.

Global Perspective has a strong emphasis on literary sources, and features a range of well-known classic and contemporary authors.

Global Perspective is a five level course that takes students from Beginner through to Upper Intermediate level.
Available now: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate.


Lindsay Clandfield and Adrian Tennant and Rob Metcalf and Kate Pickering and Amanda Jeffries and Jackie McAvoy and Rebecca Robb Benne and Robert Campbell and Julie Moore and Mark McKinnon and Rawdon Wyatt

Key Features

  • * Information-rich, intelligent topics
  • * Global English sections written especially for Global by Professor David Crystal
  • * Global Voices featuring authentic recordings of native and non-native speakers of English
  • * eWorkbook with a host of innovative features for self-study, including 'on-the-go' listening and audio files to view on portable media players such as iPods
  • * Teacher's Book with specialist methodology essays from award-winning guest ELT authors, and a Teacher's Resource CD-ROM with a range of tests and worksheets for use in class
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