Grammar Goals

Go for Gold!

Grammar Goals is a new six-level grammar series for children aged 6-12 years. With editions in both British and American English, it presents and practises grammar in lively and meaningful age-appropriate contexts that reflect pupils' real lives and interests. Linked to the Cambridge and Trinity external exam syllabuses, Grammar Goals offers regular exam-style practice tasks in the Pupil's Books.


The visually appealing nature of the course ensures that grammar is presented in a child-friendly format that keeps pupils actively involved in learning the language form, function and meaning. The careful staging of the units provides three levels of challenge and success - bronze, silver and gold - helping students reflect on their progress and aim for higher goals.


Nicole Taylor and Michael Watts and Julie Tice and Dave Tucker and Angela Llanas and Libby Williams

Key Features

  • Detailed grammar presentations ensure lessons are well structured, targeted and engaging.
  • Bronze, silver and gold challenge Levels motivate children to learn and make progress.
  • Step-by-step lesson notes provide extra extension material and offer practical solutions for mixed- ability classes, saving lesson preparation time.
  • Exam preparation and learner confidence are developed through regular CYLET and KET-style activities.
  • The Grammar Reference sections present structures in colourful, easy-to-follow review charts to consolidate learners’ grammar before they move onto the next Level.
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