Happy Campers

Sing and learn and play together. Happy Campers, friends forever!

Happy Campers is a 7-level primary series that uses a unique musical programme to create a positive and memorable classroom experience while consolidating new language skills.

With a methodology centred on front-loading language presentation and musical imagery repetition, Happy Campers develops a child-centred community and encourages a positive attitude toward English language learning. Clear objectives, a gently paced syllabus and frequent practice opportunities make it easy for children to learn
and consolidate English.


Libby Williams and Angela Llanas

Key Features

  • Musical activities provide ‘memory hooks’ for vocabulary recall and retrieval, making new language easier to remember.
  • The Skills Book further develops the four skills via Picture Talk, Happy Reader, Happy Writer and Word Work lessons that practise and help master selected key language.
  • Regular project lessons develop children’s creativity and collaboration skills, making their learning experience a richer, more positive one.
  • A strong home-school link is built through the game-based Inks App which provides extra vocabulary practice at home.
  • The Flipbook combines Student’s Book and Activity Book material in one publication, ensuring that young learners always have practice activities at hand.
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