Hats On Top

Hats On Top is a beautifully designed four-level course for very young children. The central characters are the Hat People, a fun and friendly family who guide children through their first encounters with English. Hats On Top is based on the concept that children come to the classroom with a great deal of world knowledge, and has strong links to key development areas and school readiness.

Learning and exploration are supported and extended digitally through the Discovery Disc, where children can play games read interactive stories and dance along with the Hat People to interactive songs. For teachers, there is the Interactive Classroom CD-ROM containing a Digibook version of the Student Book for whole-class presentation, and a new website containing a wealth of resources.


Caroline Linse and Elly Schottman

Key Features

  • Visually stunning course, emphasising real world activities and situations alongside the story world of the Hat People
  • Strong links to school readiness and an emphasis on early literacy
  • Interactive Classroom CD-ROM with page-faithful Student’s Books and embedded audio
  • New Nursery level for the very youngest children, provides exposure to English and print awareness through structured play sessions
  • Early Letters and Early Numbers books support literacy and numeracy
  • Student Discovery Disc CD-ROM with interactive stories, animated songs and language games
  • Teacher website with teaching resources, school readiness assessment pack and teacher-training videos
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