Hello JoJo

Develops a love of learning

You and Me is a dynamic 3-level topic-based course designed to help pre-primary learners with reading, writing and numeracy using real-world contexts and motivating activities.

Topics such as family, colour and food are all covered in Hello Jojo, giving children a familiar framework to learn and apply new language skills. Emphasis on movement and receptive skills reflects the cognitive development of the age group, while cross-curricular features encourage learning across a variety of content areas.

Key Features

  • ● Children are introduced to the Roman alphabet through reading and writing activities that take a gradual and systematic approach.
  • ● Memorable songs, chants and raps encourage participation and actively develop listening and speaking skills.
  • ● The course follows a reliable and regular pattern, reassuring children and giving them a solid framework for learning.
  • ● The Student’s Book introduces children to early maths concepts, while an optional Numbers Book provides opportunities for extended learning.
  • ● Dedicated Phonics Lessons increase awareness of correct pronunciation and the relationship between sounds and letters.
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