Here Comes Super Bus

A four-level story-based English course for young learners

This four-level course for young learners aims to build children's confidence and develop their linguistic, social and emotional skills. By making English fun and enjoyable, Here Comes Super Bus lays down the foundations for future language learning and encourages children to use English as a means of real communications.

Each unit focuses on a central story which is linked to a topic or theme of special interest to children. The activities and tasks are built around the language and content of the story, to suit the specific needs, interests and psychological characteristics of young learners. Children's interests are centred around themselves and their immediate world.


Here Comes Super Bus offers many opportunities for children to talk and exchange information about themselves, their family, their home and their pets. The syllabus for the course provides a balance between topics, activities, tasks and develops vocabulary and language functions which are relevant to children's communication needs.


Maria Jose Lobo and Pepita Subira

Key Features

  • Takes advantage of all opportunities to link English with other subjects including art, music and drama
  • Writing only appears after the language has been presented and experienced at oral level
  • A central story helps children to listen and talk about themselves and the world around them through the safety of familiar characters
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