Here's Patch the Puppy

A fun song-based course for very young learners

Here's Patch the Puppy is a fun and highly-visual two-level, song-based course for very young learners which takes into consideration the problems of managing a class of students of this age.

Children learn through a series of brief, fun activities including: Total Physical Response (TPR), songs, chants, games, routines, acting out, sticker activities and press-out puppets.

Each level has six song-based units with highly-visual short stories that include instructions for the teacher on the reserve of the activity sheets. Children are encouraged to participate and learn English in a natural way.

Your young learners will be enchanted by Patch the Puppy and his friends.


Joy Morris and Joanne Ramsden

Key Features

  • 80 full-colour pages containing 6 units
  • A double page of stickers used to identify key vocabulary
  • 4 sheets of cardboard press-outs used at the end of each unit to perform the songs from that unit
  • A Songs CD containing the songs and chants used in the units
  • Detailed teacher’s notes including three optional activities per lesson, extra photocopiable worksheets and photocopiable evaluation tools
  • Classroom posters with re-usable stickers
  • A glove puppet of Patch for use in the classroom
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