Hot Spot

A lively course for 'betweenagers'

Hot Spot is an English course designed for ten to fourteen-year-olds. Fun and engaging, it makes the most of the growing identity of the young teenager through motivating texts and stories, and lively illustrations and photography.

Each book contains theme-based modules made up of three double-page presentation lessons, a cross-cultural integrated skills lesson, a ‘can do’ review section, and a fun ‘Extra special’ lesson. The course has a transparent grammar syllabus which progresses steadily throughout the course, encouraging a discovery approach before practising and then personalising grammar.

Key Features

  • A transparent grammar syllabus progresses steadily throughout the course, encouraging student autonomy and discovery of new language concepts.
  • Each lesson comes complete with a Check Your English activity which encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Extra Special sections are dotted throughout
  • the course, containing mini-plays, mini-projects, poems and folk tales that make perfect homework assignments.
  • Hot Spot caters well for those students with unique learning differences such as dyslexia, with tips and suggestions for teachers in every module to help them tailor the course.
  • Cambridge PET exam features help to prepare those students who are planning to take the exam, while those taking other state exams can benefit from exam practice sections.
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Latest Reviews

  • Heidi   Wantia Mijonic

    The Hot Spot series is an excellent course for young learners from about 10 to 14 year old. All levels offer interesting texts combined with a clear set up and a steady development of all language skills. The two-page lessons all come with thorough revision in the activity book, a section for fast finishers and extra practice. Very easy to work with for both teachers and students, without ever getting boring. The lesson topics help raising the students awareness of the world around us.