In Company Second Edition

The Engish course for working professionals

In Company Second Edition is a fast-paced four-level Business English course for professional adults who need to communicate in everyday business situations. It has established itself as the English course for professionals because of its immediate results through topic-based content, active skills, and real-world tasks that are instantly relevant to everyday business life development.

In Company Second Edition recognises that students need to go beyond talking about their work in English - they need English skills that are immediately transferable to their day-to-day routine. Each lesson is a stand-alone fast-track unit to competence in a particular skill that students will need in their working life.

Teachers of In Company Second Edition are also strongly supported through the online and freely accessible resource site which includes regularly updated topical articles, wordlists, placement and progress tests, answer keys, web quests and additional worksheets. It's definitely a site to bookmark!

Key Features

  • A four-level, skills-based course for all professionals who conduct business in English
  • Real-world tasks and case studies encourage learners to draw on their own experiences to sharpen their communication skills
  • Challenging relevant and appropriate English in context that is easily transferred to the workplace
  • In Company Practice Online - an online self-study resource with interactive language practice
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