Inside Out

A best-selling course for adults and young adults

Thousands of schools around the world are adopting Inside Out. It is a classroom-tested English course designed to develop real life communicative skills. Written by teachers, it is an enjoyable, lively course for adults and young adults.

For extra online practice for your students take a look at the Inside Out Practice Online solution. These online courses provide carefully designed practice to supplement the Student's Books at all levels.

Please note there is a more up-to-date version of this series - New Inside Out

Key Features

  • Personalised speaking tasks: Inside Out provides the motivation and support to help even the most relucatant students speak in class
  • Contextualised grammar and vocabulary: captivating topics and speaking tasks motivate learners to use the new items as they talk, read, listen and write
  • Guides students to use English effectively, with a special emphasis on communication
  • Great topics:  Inside Out brings real-life subjects into the classroom
  • Anecdotes: unique speaking tasks make students talk about relevant everyday topics
  • Downloadable  Grammar Companion Answer Keys  and ESOL and CEF mapping documents
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