Insights is a six-level course for teenagers, giving students reflective insights into the language, the world and their own lives. The material evolves with the students and reflects their growing maturity, as well as their changing needs and interests. For ease of use the Student's Book and Workbook have been combined, while levels 5 and 6 can be used as a separate intermediate-level course, consolidating and extending the English the students already know.

The Teacher's Book comes packaged with a Test CD with editable tests catering for students in mixed-ability classe as well as a diagnostic test, three end-of-term tests and an end-of-course test.


Judy Garton-Sprenger and Philip Prowse and Helena Gomm and Marcelo Baccarin and Catherine Smith

Key Features

  • American English
  • Five units at each level (approximately 50-65 hours of teaching), allowing a slower progression at the beginning of each semester or year
  • Access to Insights Online Practice is available as an optional extra
  • Increased focus on functional and structural grammar presentation and practice
  • Development of writing through both guided-writing tasks and more open activities
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