Learning Stars

Taking children from learning to read to reading to learn

Learning Stars is a high-level pre-primary course that provides a solid introduction to communicative English along with building reading, writing and spelling skills, ensuring that children have the right capabilities to begin full-time schooling.

Learning Stars builds a foundation in English and other curriculum subjects, giving children the best start to primary school. The course has a lively drama and roleplay element to help
young learners practise language in a memorable and fun way, as well as a strong
assessment strand to support teachers as they review and check students’ progress.


Jeanne Perrett and Jill Leighton

Key Features

  • Fun and humorous stories introduce language in an engaging way and the Act It Out
  • sections allow children to gain confidence in communication.
  • Cross-curricular pages in every unit link with a variety of science-based and other early years’ topics and concepts exposing children to new vocabulary and broadening their view of the world.
  • The phonics programme introduces the Animal Alphabet Flashcards to help children memorise initial letter sounds quickly and reinforce letter sound recognition with rhyming stories, songs and chants.
  • The animated handwriting tool is a useful presentation aid for modelling correct letter and number formation.
  • The Maths Book links to the topics and themes of the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book, providing an introduction to and opportunity for practice of a range of early maths concepts in English.
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