Little Explorers

Part of the eight-level Macmillan English Explorers reading scheme

Macmillan English Explorers form an eight-level reading scheme written specifically for young learners of English. Informed by National Literacy Strategy and by teaching methodology for first language speakers of English, Macmillan English Explorers are supported by an understanding of the needs of young learners and teachers of English.

Little Explorers is aimed at children aged 4-6. The stories have been written using high-frequency words, plus story-specific words which, as far as possible, are clarified by illustrations. Each reader is illustrated in full colour and contains one complete story.


Louis Fidge and Gill Munton

Key Features

  • Stories have been written using high-frequency words plus story-specific words which are clarified by illustrations, where possible
  • High-frequency words have been taken from the UK National Literacy Strategy and correlated with the Ladybird Key Words list and the words most commonly used by L1 children in their own writing 
  • Phonetically-regular words are included in a meaningful and contextualized way
  • Each Reader contains one complete story with some of the characters reappearing at higher levels, providing a sense of continuity and familiarity to the reader
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