Macmillan Business English Skills

No business English student can do without skills support. Knowing how to write an email, give a presentation, lead a meeting or make a simple phone call are just some of the areas that even the most confident of English students need some guidance with.

This series is made up of five standalone skills titles: Email English, Meetings in English, Presentations in English, Telephone English and Networking in English. They are all suitable for Intermediate level students- though each one has its own level range.

Written by a series of experts in their fields, these titles are the ideal support for self-study business English students or to support business English classes.

Key Features

  • In-depth and dedicated study for the most commonly required business English skills
  • All answer keys and audio (where necessary) are included in the standalone packs making the titles ideal for self study
  • Perfect for any business English classroom or students of business English who need to focus on a particular skill
  • Suitable for use individually or as a complete series
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